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15 Easy Tennessee Whiskey Cocktails

I don’t know about y’all. But I can’t talk about Tennessee whiskey cocktails without singing some George Jones. 

“You’re as smooooooooooth as Tennessee whiskey. You’re as sweeeeeeet as strawberry wine.

15 Easy Tennessee Whiskey Cocktails featuring two glasses of homemade whiskey sour with ice, lemon, and cherry on slate coasters on a wooden table

And believe it or not, those lines perfectly fit with these cocktails. 


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Each one is smoother than the last. And though they’re not all sweet, the ones that are are as sweet as strawberry wine. 

I’m sure old George wasn’t talking about Tennessee whiskey cocktails when he sang that song. But he certainly could have been. 

But we are definitely talking about Tennessee whiskey cocktails. Let’s go! 

Boozy and refreshing jack and coke cocktail with mint and lemon on a wooden serving tray

Jack Daniels is arguably the most famous of all the Tennessee whiskey brands. And the Jack and Coke is a classic. 

It would shock me if you’ve never heard of it. But just in case you haven’t, let’s talk about it. 

This drink is just what it sounds like – a combination of Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola.

It’s strong, sweet, and smoky. A fantastic choice for those who enjoy the taste of smooth Tennessee whiskey. 

Refreshing tennesse mule with lime and ice in a classic copper mule mug and a bottle of Jack Daniels blurry in the background

Do you love the crisp flavors of a Moscow Mule? 

If so, try it with whiskey next time. It keeps its biting freshness, but the whiskey subtly alters its flavor profile. 

You’ll probably enjoy it more than the original if you love whiskey. 

Two glasses of homemade guava berry whiskey smash cocktail with basil and lemon garnishes and a full bottle of Uncle Nearest 1884 whiskey on the right- top view

Looking for a Tennessee whiskey cocktail that’s a bit more exotic? Try the Guava Berry Whiskey Smash. 

I’d say it’s a twist on the traditional Whiskey Smash, but that’s not totally accurate. 


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It isa twist on the traditional Whiskey Smash. However, this has so many other ingredients it’s almost a new drink. 

There’s guava nectar, strawberry-blueberry syrup, Tuaco vanilla citrus liqueur, and more. 

The result is a sweet-n-sour, mega-fruity drink. (And it is still dark and woodsy underneath!)

Trust me. You’ve had nothing quite like it in your life.

A glass of hula fashioned cocktail with pineapple syrup with mint and grilled pineapple balls for garnish, served on a wooden serving tray with a bottle of whiskey blurry in the background

This recipe describes itself as “a tiki-themed Old Fashioned.” Which is pretty accurate. 

It’s a simple mix of whiskey, bitters, mint sprigs, and the “tiki-themed” secret ingredient. 

Pineapple simple syrup. 

I know! Sounds crazy, right? But seriously, don’t discount it before you give it a chance. 

The Hula Fashioned is surprisingly good – just sweet enough with rich, minty undertones.

Three homemade three wise men shots with jack daniels and johnny walker, garnished with an orange peel, served in a flight on a wooden tray

Most people are familiar with the three wise men in the biblical story of Jesus’ birth. 

These three wise men, though, are different. Their names are Jim, Johnny, and Jack. 

That’s right! You’ll mix three Tennessee whiskeys into one potent shot. Each one contains Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Johnny Walker. 

Take it slow with these babies. If you don’t, you might find yourself on the floor wondering how you got there. 

Two homemade classic whiskey sours with cherry and lemon on wooden tree coasters

Whiskey Sours are a classic for a reason. They’ve been around forever and are a quick and easy go-to for many people. 

I like them because they aren’t too sweet. 

Instead, their flavor balances sweet, smoky, and sour deliciously. 

Homemade apple cider hot toddy with honey and cinnamon garnished with an apple slice, lemon wheel, and star anise

If lemonade is the de facto drink of summer, Hot Toddies must be winter’s signature drink. (Or fall, in this case – apple cider, YUM!)

The drink is warm and sweet, with all your favorite fall flavors. (Apples, cinnamon, honey, etc.) 

Each sip features gentle spices, perfect for soothing sore throats. Try one on a chilly night when you feel under the weather. 

It’ll perk you right up! 

Here are some other great hot cocktails to keep you warm

Cold Lynchburg lemonade with lemons and ice in a glass

Is there anything more refreshing on a hot Southern summer day than lemonade? (The answer, as any Southerner will tell you, is no. Except maybe ice-cold sweet tea.) 

Lynchburg lemonade is just as tart, tangy, and refreshing. It just has a little extra kick. Each pitcher contains a half cup of Jack Daniels and triple sec. 

Add your favorite lemon-lime soda to give it a fun, nose-tingly fizziness. 

Semi-sweet and semi-bitter blueberry whiskey buck in a decorative glass with blueberries and mint as a garnish

These purplish-red drinks are gorgeous, and they taste great, too. 

They have a unique mix of sweet cane sugar, tart blueberries, spiced ginger beer, and earthy whiskey.

The final product is hard to describe, but it’s delicious. 

Not too sweet but not too bitter. You can still taste the whiskey, but it’s not overpowering. Just try it for yourself; you’ll dig it.

Two glasses of homemade smoky whiskey mules with candied bacon garnish on a wooden serving tray and more candied bacon around the base

The Smoky Whiskey Mule is another drink with a Southern twist on the Moscow Mule. It’s spicy and smoky and comes with a garnish of candied bacon. 

(Yes! Bacon!)

What’s not to love?

Banana Stand cocktail infused with banana, chocolate, walnut bitters, and lemon with egg white foam and dried lemon wheel garnish

The ingredients for this drink sound more like a weird grocery list than a recipe: 

  • Tennessee Whiskey
  • Banane du Brésil Liqueur
  • Crème de Cacao
  • Lemon Juice
  • Egg White
  • Black Walnut Bitters

Those things don’t really sound like they go together. But believe me when I tell you they 100% absolutely do. 

I do not know how this drink works. It’s a random mix of ingredients that should not pair well with one another. But it DOES WORK. 

In fact, this banana-infused cocktail is my favorite drink on the list. 

3 homemade Irish hammer shots with caramel and honey

Are you in the mood for something on the sweeter side? Try the Irish Hammer. It’s a simple blend of Jack Daniels, Irish Mist, and Irish cream. 

This is a robust drink with caramel and honey notes. I think it’s the perfect choice for sipping and savoring. 

Two glasses of smoked rosemary blackberry whiskey sour cocktail garnished with rosemary, served on a wooden coaster

Do you like the tart and tangy nature of Whiskey Sours? Are you also a fan of blackberries? If so, you’ll adore this drink. 

Every sip is rich and fruity but doesn’t mask the classic notes of the whiskey. It comes together quickly and features a stunning red hue. 

Let me tell ya, this drink turns heads. 

Can’t get enough of blackberries? Try these 10 blackberry cocktails, as well. 

Homemade boozy four horsemen whiskey cocktail being poured from the shaker into a shot glass

If you thought the Three Wise Men shot was adventurous, wait until you try the Four Horsemen! 

It has everything the Three Wise Men shot has, plus a half-ounce of Jameson. 

I don’t know about you, but I think the name is accurate. 

Too much Jim, Johnny, Jack, and Jameson, and I feel hit by Death, Pestilence, and the others.

Boozy homemade apple cider whiskey and ginger beer in two glasses with cinnamon stick garnish

I’ll round this list with another fall favorite, apple cider whiskey and ginger beer. 

It’s a refreshing mix of fresh apple cider and Tennessee whiskey. Plus, a ginger beer mixer and some cinnamon for extra spice. 

This combo is delicious but less sweet than other apple cider-based drinks. 

The spiciness of the ginger beer helps offset the sweetness somewhat. It’s an excellent choice for a refreshing drink without a bold whiskey taste.

Tennessee Whiskey Cocktails