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Easy Mexican Martini Recipe – Insanely Good

Though less famous worldwide than many cocktails, the Mexican martini is a drink you must try. While it’s neither Mexican nor a proper martini (more on that later), it’s incredibly good.

It combines light, bright citrus flavors (lime and orange) with salty olive brine. The result is a tasty, refreshing drink.

Mexican Martina on a Salted Rim Glass Garnished With Olives

It’s sweet, salty, tangy, and a little bitter.


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The Mexican Martini is a drink you must experience to truly appreciate. So use this recipe to mix up one today! 

What Is a Mexican Martini?

Despite the cocktail’s name, the Mexican martini is neither Mexican nor a martini. It was (most likely) created in Austin, Texas, and is more like a margarita than a martini. 

It’s a sweet, salty, tangy cocktail that tastes like a margarita with olive brine mixed in. It also comes in a standard martini glass with a margarita’s salted rim.

It’s less sweet and drier than a margarita. But it’s still delicious. 

It’s so good, it’s called the “unofficial signature cocktail of Austin, Texas.” People there absolutely love the drink. Trust me, you’ll love it, too! 

Mexican Martini on a Glass


Here’s what you need to whip it up: 

  • Tequila reposado Technically, you can make a Mexican martini with any tequila. However, tequila reposado has the best flavor for the recipe. It has a warmer, more rounded flavor profile with notes of oak and vanilla.
  • Cointreau – Triple sec will also suffice. Use whichever orange liqueur you like best. I always stick to Cointreau because its flavors better complement the drink. Triple Sec is incredibly citrusy.
  • Lime juice – You should stick to freshly squeezed lime juice for this cocktail. The bottled stuff won’t do the cocktail justice.
  • Orange juice – You can use freshly squeezed or store-bought. If using store-bought, get 100% pulp-free juice. (Freshly squeezed provides the best flavor. Store-bought orange juice can be overwhelming.) 
  • Green olive brine – Getting GREEN olive brine for this drink is essential. Black olive brine will work in a pinch. But it has a different flavor that doesn’t pair as nicely with the drink’s other ingredients. 
  • Salt – See the section on making a salted rim below for the best salt options. 
  • Garnishes – Typically, Mexican martinis use lime wedges and skewered olives as garnishes. The citrusy zing from the lime and the olives’ briny bitterness pair well with the drink. 
Mexican Martini Cocktail on a Glass Garnished With Olives on Stick

How to Make a Mexican Martini

Follow these steps to make the perfect Mexican martini: 

1. Combine the ingredients. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Then, add the drink ingredients sans garnishes. (Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, orange juice, and olive brine.)

Vigorously shake the cocktail shaker for at least 15 to 20 seconds until the drink is chilled. 

2. Salt the rim of your glass. Follow the detailed steps outlined below to do this properly. 

3. Pour and garnish. Pour the chilled martini into the glass with the salted rim. Add your desired garnishes, and enjoy! 

Two Glasses of Mexican Martini Cocktail

Tips For Making a Salt Rim 

The first trick to perfecting the salted rim is choosing the correct salt. Regular table salt won’t do the trick. You need salt that’s large and chunky. I recommend: 


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  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Smoked sea salt
  • Flaky sea salt
  • Margarita salt

The pretty artisanal salts look the best, of course. However, you can use any large grain or chunky salt. 

How to Salt the Rim

  1. Pour the salt out onto a plate. Spread it evenly over the plate, adding more if necessary. 
  2. Slice a lime into wedges. Make a notch in one of the wedges. Run the notched lime around the rim of your glass. 
  3. Upend the glass. Tilt it so only the outside edge dips into the salt. Gently turn the glass until the entire rim is covered in salt. 
  4. Gently shake off any loose salt. Discard it. 

Voila! You have the perfect salted rim every time. 

You can use the same technique for adding sugar to the rim of a glass. However, you may want to use something sweet, like honey or maple syrup, instead of lime juice.

Using squeeze bottles with nozzles will make the process easier.

Mexican Martini