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The Best Bubble Tea Flavors To Try (17 Easy Recipes)

These exciting bubble tea flavors are a fantastic way to mix up your boba routine. Every sip will leave you wanting more.

The Best Bubble Tea Flavors featuring a Variety of Bubble Tea Flavors Including Strawberry and Milk Tea

Bubble Tea Flavor Recipes We Love

You can try classic fruity options like strawberry or mango. Or more exotic choices like lychee and lavender. The possibilities are endless!

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Feeling adventurous? Spice things up with a kicky ginger bubble tea. Or go for something unexpected like black sesame bubble tea.

Whatever your choice, say goodbye to bland bubble tea. And say hello to a whole new world of flavor!

Craving a refreshing, fruity drink? Look no further than this easy strawberry milk bubble tea recipe! 

This sweet concoction mixes strong black tea with strawberry milk and chewy tapioca balls. 

It’s perfect for summertime sipping or any time you need a pick-me-up. This drink is easy to make at home in just a few simple steps.

Calling all mango lovers! Have you tried adding this juicy fruit to your bubble tea? 

The sweet and tropical flavor of mango adds a refreshing twist to this beloved drink. And the best part? You can make it right at home! 

Combine mango nectar with your choice of black or green tea. Don’t forget the chewy tapioca pearls, and voila – a deliciously fruity mango bubble tea.

You must try making your own banana milk bubble tea at home! It’s the ideal drink for those who love all things banana.

This deliciously creamy drink whips up with just a few ingredients. You only need bananas, milk, and ice cream. And it’s ready in no time!

Oh, and don’t forget the bubbles!

Making tapioca pearls is easier than you might think. Just boil and soak them in a simple syrup for that perfect chewy texture.

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This unique drink is made by blending creamy avocado with chewy tapioca pearls. Avocado boba is a fun twist on the classic bubble tea.

Unlike traditional milk tea, this avocado boba is seriously creamy. However, it is surprisingly light.

You can even adjust the creaminess to your liking by adding more or less avocado.

Sweetened with condensed milk and served over ice, every sip is saccharine and refreshing. It’s the perfect drink to cool off on a hot day.

This vegan-friendly drink features black tea, boba, liquid sugar, and creamy coconut milk. It sure is a rich and indulgent treat!

The thick and flavorful coconut milk pairs beautifully with strong black tea. Every sip is deliciously balanced. 

If you want to mix up your bubble tea game, this one is a must-try! Are you avoiding dairy? Then, this coconut milk tea works for that, too. 

This plant-based twist is the perfect alternative for those looking to avoid dairy. You don’t have to give up your sweet and creamy treats!

Almond milk’s nutty, sweet flavor pairs perfectly with the intense taste of black tea. Together, they create a heavenly combination that’s irresistible! 

So, why not give it a chance? Enjoy all the flavor and creaminess of traditional bubble tea without dairy.

Bubble Tea Fans, have you tried the uniquely delicious flavor of taro milk tea? If not, you need to!

This vibrant purple boba is made with jasmine tea, taro root, milk, and tapioca pearls. It’s a sweet and creamy drink bursting with exciting flavors.

You’ll become a taro lover in no time. 

Plus, you can make this drink at home for half the price of store-bought! Easy-peasy.

Are you a lover of all things chocolate? Then must try making this chocolate bubble milk tea at home! 

This recipe is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without breaking the bank. And you only need a few simple ingredients. 

Kick off your next boba party with this decadent chocolate milk tea boba!

This ultra-refreshing drink is topped with almond milk and ice. Every sip is delightfully creamy and floral. Plus, it’s naturally vegan and gluten-free!

By steeping dried lavender petals in the tea, you infuse their sweet, almost-bitter flavors. And the tapioca pearls provide the perfect amount of chew. Yum!

Whether it’s a morning pick-me-up or mid-afternoon treat, this lavender milk tea is satisfying. 

Have you tried matcha milk tea yet? This scrumptious drink tastes sweet, rich, and aromatic.

This drink has a fantastic taste profile. The milk makes it creamy. And you can sweeten it with sugar, honey, or syrup. 

Premium matcha transforms this milk tea with its earthiness, setting it apart from the rest. Yum!

Are you looking for your next fruity drink fixation? Skip the line at the tea shop. And try this homemade blueberry boba tea instead! 

This drink tastes just like your favorite cafe version, but it’s totally budget-friendly.

The combo of fresh blueberries, creamy milk, and sweetener guarantees sweet tooth satisfaction. Chewy boba pearls make it even more exciting!

Get ready for a fruity fiesta with this cherry pineapple boba tea! It’s a playful spin on classic fruit-flavored bubble teas without going overboard on sugar.

Cherry tea and pineapple juice act as natural sweeteners. You don’t need to add any extra sugar! So, this recipe is a healthier twist on a much-loved beverage.

So, go ahead, and savor a taste of Taiwan from your home!

Can’t go without your morning cup of joe? Have no fear. This easy-to-make drink is perfect for you!

It’s basically a cold brew latte. But better because it has chewy tapioca pearls. 

Oh, and it’s completely customizable. You can add as much or as little sugar as you like. And you can use your favorite coffee or cold brew. 

Try this caffeinated bubble tea for a perfect summer beverage!

Take a sip of pure comfort with this Ginger Milk Tea, aka Adrak wali Chai! It’s a flavor-packed, creamy delight that’s a breeze to whip up. 

This sweet-meets-spicy gem is adored all over India. And what’s not to love? It features fresh ginger root, milk, and sugar.

Ginger Milk Tea is often served by street vendors or chai wallahs.

This sweet-and-spicy fusion has captured the hearts of Indian culture – one steamy cup at a time! But is that any surprise? I don’t think so.

Whip up some delish Chai Tea Boba in your very own kitchen! 

It’s a scrumptious concoction of milk, chai tea, and squishy tapioca pearls sweetened with honey. Yum! Plus, this tea is vegetarian and gluten-free.

Wave goodbye to overpriced bubble tea because your homemade version is even yummier.

This Taiwanese delight is a medley of cool black tea, silky milk, and fruity goodness. But the star of the show is the bouncy boba pearls! 

Wanna know what makes lychee boba extra special? The magical combo of tea’s depth, milk’s creaminess, and lychee’s captivating sweetness. 

There’s nothing better on a sweltering summer day than a cold, refreshing lychee bubble tea. 

Get ready to go nuts over this scrumptious Black Sesame Bubble Tea! With dark sugar, a splash of milk, and no caffeine- it’s a slice of heaven.

Plus, it’s a piece of cake to make at home. 

Black sesame, popular in Asian cuisine, adds a toasty, nutty twist to this sweet treat.

Though this boba recipe skips the tea, it’s still a bubble tea superstar. You can thank those chewy tapioca pearls for that!

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